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Article 1 Students shall reside in the rooms as allocated. Exchange of rooms or anything provided within between fellow students is not permitted without prior approval from the administrators.Generally, the international student can apply for a room change only once during the study period at the university. Students who apply accommodation from outside to dormitory, International Student Office have discretion under current housing.


Article 2  Students with full scholarships granted by Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) will be waived of accommodation charges. Those with partial scholarships from NAU as well as those supported by home country government scholarships or self-financed are expected to pay accommodation charges at the beginning week of each semester. Late payments by one week will incur a penalty 5% of the accommodation charges.

第2條 由南京農業大學提供全額獎學金的學生免收住宿費。由南京農業大學以及本國政府提供部分獎學金的學生或者自費的學生應在每學期第一個星期內支付住宿費。逾期將收取住宿費5%的滯納金。

Article 3 Guests visiting international apartments shall follow the visitor registration procedures and is not permitted to stay till after 10 PM on the day of visit. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight.

第3條 外來人員來訪時,留學生公寓應遵循訪客登記程序進行登記,來訪客人最多逗留至當天晚上10點且不允許留宿。

Article 4 Making noises inside the apartments or in the public areas is not allowed. Residents are advised not to have parties in the rooms, or play radios or music too loud to disturb other residents.

第4條 在公寓內或者公共區域禁止制造噪音,留學生不允許在房間內舉辦派對、大聲播放收音機或音樂,干擾其他居民。

Article 5 Combustibles, explosives, narcotics, radioactive materials and pets are not allowed into the apartments. Setting off firecrackers inside the apartments is also prohibited.

第5條 易燃、易爆、毒品、放射性物質以及寵物不允許帶進公寓。公寓內禁止燃放鞭炮。

Article 6 Public commercial activities or advertising are prohibited within the apartment complex. Foreign currency transactions are also forbidden in the apartments.

第6條 公寓樓內禁止進行社會商業活動或張貼廣告。公寓內禁止外幣交易。

Article 7  Drug abuse, gambling as well as buying or selling sex are against the law and are strictly prohibited. Fighting, drunken drinking and resulting disturbances are prohibited and where severe consequences are resulted such incidents will be reported to the attention of local police.

第7條 嚴格禁止濫用毒品、賭博以及性交易均為違法行為。嚴令禁止斗毆、醉酒并由此造成的騷亂,其造成的嚴重后果將匯報當地警方。

Article 8 Furniture and all appliances and equipment provided shall be used with care. Damage or unauthorized removal or change of position is not permitted. Residents are advised not to change the position of the furniture, nor to leave any scratches on it. Residents shall keep their rooms clean and orderly. Marking on walls or furniture is forbidden, as is driving nails into walls (as nails may penetrate into electric wires laid out inside the wall and trigger an electrical shock) and attaching sticker-hooks or posters to the walls.

第8條 所有校方提供的家具,電器用品及設備請小心使用。禁止損害公寓物品,禁止未經許可擅自更換物品或移動位置。學生不得改變家具的位置,也不得在家具上留下任何劃痕。學生應保持房間整潔有序,禁止在墻壁或家具上做標記,如將釘子釘入墻壁(釘子穿透墻壁可能會損壞墻內的電線并引發電擊),禁止在墻上黏貼掛鉤或海報。

Article 9 Damage or loss to any public property shall be compensated for by the student responsible. Compensation price : Electrical kettle:100yuan ; air conditioner remote control:30yuan; room key :100yuan.

第9條 對任何公共財產造成的損害或丟失須由學生負責賠償。賠償價格:電水壺:100元;空調遙控器:30元;房間鑰匙:100元。

Article 10 Please do not drop toilet paper or other stuffs may block the toilet.

第10條 請勿將廁紙或其它雜物扔進馬桶,以防堵塞。

Article 11 Residents shall maintain a clean and orderly environment inside apartment, around the building and in common areas. Leaving personal possessions in the corridor and throwing litter out of windows is forbidden.

第11條 請保持公寓內,公寓周圍以及公共區域整潔有序。禁止在走廊里堆放個人物品,禁止將垃圾扔出窗外。

Article 12 Smoking is forbidden in whole dormitory area.

第12條 所有公寓區域禁止抽煙。

Article 13 Always paying attention to observing electrical and fire safety. All electrical appliances shall be turned off when leaving rooms unattended. Electric ovens, hot plates, heaters and other high-power electrical appliances cannot be used in the building. Cooking inside rooms is forbidden, as are any other temporary wiring, electrical appliance installation or re-positioning of lamps. Residents who fail to observe the above-mentioned safety regulations will be held accountable for any consequences, including legal action against major losses.

第13條 務必注意留心觀察電器和消防安全。學生應確保離開房間時關閉所有電器。公寓內禁止使用電磁爐、加熱器等大功率電器。禁止在房間內烹飪,禁止臨時安置電線、安裝電器或重置燈具。凡不遵守上述安全規定的學生將視情況追究責任,對造成重大損失的學生追究法律責任。

Article 14 Residents shall refrain from loitering in public areas, including kitchen facilities, laundry and other areas.

第14條 盡量不要在包括廚房,洗衣房等公共區域內游蕩。

Article 15 Upon prior notice, apartment management staff are entitled to conduct safety inspections of any room at any time.

第15條 在事先通知的前提下,公寓管理人員有權隨時進入任何房間進行安全檢查。

Article 16 Residents shall abide Chinese laws and regulations, shall not propagate religious belief or appoint religious personnel, or get conduct any other missionary activity in the dormitory.

第16條 遵守中國法律,不得在房間內或公共區域內進行傳教活動。

Article 17 Upon graduation or termination of study, students shall vacate the dormitory within two weeks of completion of study. Occupation after that will be charged accordingly.


Article 18 Before checking out, please hand in the room keys and electricity cards to the reception window. Graduates should return campus card as well.

第18條 在搬離公寓之前,請將房間鑰匙和電卡交還到管理員窗口。畢業生請一并歸還校園卡。